High five! Friday, Sep 28 2012 

It’s Friday!!!.. and Sugarcane Festival weekend back in Cajun country. We just so happened to be home for it last year, and Landon had a lot of fun at the fair!

I’m linking up with From my Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!

Here’s my high five;

– I had a hot fudge sundae! I seriously don’t normally eat all kinds of sweets (we call it “trash” back in Cajun country..), but I have been craving them like crazy over the past two weeks. My very best friend always says, “Pregnancy will do that to you”. She is bound and determined to convince me to have another kid.

– We got the kitties a small cat tower and they love it. (Read; They wanted nothing to do with it so I put catnip all over it and now they are obsessed!)

– Speaking of kitties, the after hours emergency clinic that we took Leo to sent us a card with a keepsake of his paw print in it. I was very moved, and thought it was such a nice gesture.

– I took the sweetest picture of Landon as he was sleeping in our bed one morning. I don’t normally get pictures if him sleeping, and I love this one.

– Zachery is coming home tomorrow! Landon and I are very excited! We miss him! ❤


High Five Friday, Sep 21 2012 

It’s Friday! I hope everyone had a fun week!

I’m linking up with From my grey desk for High Five for Friday..

Here’s my H54F;

Meet Jack! My sisters new kitten. He is only about 4 weeks old. One of her coworkers found him in the ditch, and she took him in. Although I haven’t met him in person, he seems so sweet!

COTTON CANDY! It was delicious, although I should not have eaten it! Landon helped.

How cute is this owl that I found at Toys R Us. I’ve become obsessed with owls lately, and had been searching for a cute stuffed one… which is one of the only reasons I was willing to pay ten dollars for it.

I finally got my license plate for my new car!! I feel like its really mine now.

A star cookie! I love stars, and pink. (I even had pink hair at one point!)