High five! Friday, Sep 28 2012 

It’s Friday!!!.. and Sugarcane Festival weekend back in Cajun country. We just so happened to be home for it last year, and Landon had a lot of fun at the fair!

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Here’s my high five;

– I had a hot fudge sundae! I seriously don’t normally eat all kinds of sweets (we call it “trash” back in Cajun country..), but I have been craving them like crazy over the past two weeks. My very best friend always says, “Pregnancy will do that to you”. She is bound and determined to convince me to have another kid.

– We got the kitties a small cat tower and they love it. (Read; They wanted nothing to do with it so I put catnip all over it and now they are obsessed!)

– Speaking of kitties, the after hours emergency clinic that we took Leo to sent us a card with a keepsake of his paw print in it. I was very moved, and thought it was such a nice gesture.

– I took the sweetest picture of Landon as he was sleeping in our bed one morning. I don’t normally get pictures if him sleeping, and I love this one.

– Zachery is coming home tomorrow! Landon and I are very excited! We miss him! ❤


About my owl obsession.. Tuesday, Sep 25 2012 

It started because there is an owl at my Mom’s house, and Landon doesn’t listen. (I know that sounds kind of “rude”, but I’m just being honest here. My son has had a problem with listening ever since he could crawl. I have tried a lot of different things, and haven’t found anything that works 100% of the time.) And with that being said, if you have something against “scaring” your children you probably shouldn’t read any further, but it all started out as a joke.

Landon heard the owl one night while he was outside way too late. He was surprised by the noise, and didn’t know what it was. So, we told him.. and we also told him that if he didn’t use his listening ears the owl was going to get him. It worked(!!) for about two weeks… Then, he realized that the owl wasn’t going to get him. This was partly my fault. I “used” the owl too much because it was working. Now he loves owls, and so do I.

Before this, I didn’t really like them- not necessarily real owls, but the owl character that was starting to become popular for some reason. They are so cute (the real ones, too).

I’ve been seeing them everywhere.. I found a stuffed owl at Toys R Us, and today I found these at Wal-Mart…

They are so precious! I’m glad Zachery wasn’t with me, because I would have had to have them. (I don’t like to make impulse buys without him).

So, yeah, I tried to scare my child with owls, and we both fell in love with them! I may even get a tattoo. (;

How do you get your child to listen?! Seriously, I need to know. I will try anything! I’m going crazy here.

1/2 Birthday Monday, Sep 24 2012 

Yesterday was Landon’s half birthday. He’s already 2 1/2! I had wanted to make him half a cake, but I never got the stuff that I needed.. So, I had to settle for making him cookies. He didn’t mind! This makes me think about his actual Birthday, and I hope we get to make it back to Cajun country to celebrate it with family. I can’t wait to start planning it either way, but I better get through the holidays first.

Zachery also left to work in New Jersey all week. It will be a little lonely without him here, but I plan on getting a lot of house work done.. and working on some felt fall decorations! Landon had gathered acorns at the park, and I was planning on using them… I put them on the table in a bowl while I was figuring out what to do with them and Bently(the kitten) decided that it was for him to play with an ruined the bowl. I didn’t feel like picking them up through glass so they had to be thrown away. /:

I spent my first night alone drinking some wine and watching Investigation Discovery! I am completely obsessed with this channel. I even got my Mom addicted to it when she brought Landon and me back “home” about a year ago. On the way back to cajun country, she would not stay at a hotel that didn’t have the channel! She is ALWAYS watching it! She may even be more obsessed than me.

Also, the weather has been getting cooler here… It’s currently 64 degrees! This may sound nice to some people, but it is pretty cold to me. It’s 83 degrees back in Cajun country. That’s the temperature that I am used to! I can’t decided if I’m ready for the cold weather or not, but I might as well embrace it because its going to happen whether I want it to or not!

High Five Friday, Sep 21 2012 

It’s Friday! I hope everyone had a fun week!

I’m linking up with From my grey desk for High Five for Friday..

Here’s my H54F;

Meet Jack! My sisters new kitten. He is only about 4 weeks old. One of her coworkers found him in the ditch, and she took him in. Although I haven’t met him in person, he seems so sweet!

COTTON CANDY! It was delicious, although I should not have eaten it! Landon helped.

How cute is this owl that I found at Toys R Us. I’ve become obsessed with owls lately, and had been searching for a cute stuffed one… which is one of the only reasons I was willing to pay ten dollars for it.

I finally got my license plate for my new car!! I feel like its really mine now.

A star cookie! I love stars, and pink. (I even had pink hair at one point!)

A picnic at the park.. Sunday, Sep 16 2012 

It didn’t exactly turn out as planned.. It never does.

First, we forgot the blanket that we left out in plain sight, but it was still put to good use at home…

Then, Landon fell asleep on the way there.. Which wasn’t so terrible, because he probably needed the rest..

There are two different playground areas at Triad Park. So, we let Landon play on one before we ate..

Then, we ate at one of the picnic tables since we forgot the blanket, and gathered acorns in Landon’s wagon..

And headed to the other playground to let him play more..

As you can tell, he loves the park. And I like taking him because it let’s him burn off some energy!
I’m so glad we took him yesterday, because today the weather is very dreary and rainy. /:

Leonardo Sunday, Sep 16 2012 

I lost one of my cats tonight. He had to be put to sleep because of medical reasons. He was only 3, and was the most loving, gentle, and tolerant cat I have ever met. He was my cuddle buddy, and slept with me every single night. RIP Leonardo. <;3


High five.. Saturday, Sep 15 2012 

I hope everyone had a great week, and has an even better weekend!

I am linking up with From my grey desk for High Five for Friday.

Here’s my H54F;

– We put these Mr. Potato Head glasses on Bently. It was a very entertaining 5 minutes.


– Buppa started getting into potty training a lot more this week. He even wore his big boy underwear twice (for a short amount of time) without having an accident!


– I got these cute little mason jar salt and pepper shakers. I love anything “mini”. Not sure what I am going to use them for just yet.


– We had two days of really nice weather this week. So, Landon and I spent some much needed time outside.


– Landon’s bathtub toy that I ordered with gift to grow points came in, and he loved it. Bently also thought it was pretty intriguing… But not enough to go in the water!


Louisiana Saturday Night! Saturday, Sep 8 2012 

Okay, so.. I won’t be having a traditional Louisiana Saturday Night. Hence; I’m in North Carolina, and it’s just not the same. I still haven’t completely got it through my thick Cajun skull that you can’t just buy liquor (pretty much) anywhere. Not to mention that the ABC stores close at 9pm. It’s craziness, I tell you!

I am totally jealous of anyone that is going to be in Death Valley tonight.


Who wouldn’t want to be there?! Some of my best memories of college were made in that stadium. And to think I don’t go to LSU for football… at first. There is just something about being in the student section of Tiger Stadium. It’s an experience like no other.

I am just lucky enough to be able to catch the game here in NC. So, I’ll be having as close to a Louisiana Saturday Night that a Cajun girl can have outside of LA!

Just in case you were looking for the season schedule..


High five! Saturday, Sep 8 2012 

Linking up with From my grey desk for H54F!

Here is my high five for Friday;

– My husband was off on Monday! Yay for Labor Day. As an active duty Marine on a reserve base, he doesn’t get quite as many days off… especially holidays. I am grateful I got this extra time with him.

– I only had to cook twice this week. This may not be a big deal to most people, but it was a nice break for me. I do actually like to cook, but it’s not always pleasurable to cook and watch a two year old at the same time. And, although the fact that I didn’t cook was great… It wasn’t because I didn’t want to.. It was more like I couldn’t. I poked myself in the eye on Tuesday night while having an allergy attack. No need to laugh, I know we’ve all done it. I guess I got myself really good because I basically couldn’t see all of Wednesday and most of Thursday. But, it’s completely better now after a visit to the doctor for some eye drops.

– I got a haircut! This almost didn’t turn out as good as it actually did. I am incredibly picky about my hair. I normally go months (I know. How crazy is that?!) without a haircut. But, I got one. It was only the third time someone other than my Nanny (godmother, aunt) cut my hair, and I almost remembered why! It was horrendous until another stylist stepped in and saved the day with a razor blade. I wish I had a better picture to show you…


– I got my new favorite drink from Sheetz twice this week. It’s basically red bull and flavoring. I like raspberry! I am fully aware that red bull is not necessarily good for you, but I’m obsessed, okay?!


– My son, Landon, finally got 5 stars for following the rules and got to pick from his treasure chest after a hectic week of him not listening. I will post on this more later, but basically he gets stars for following the house rules. If he has 5 at the end of the day he gets to pick from the treasure chest! Go, Landon! He was very excited for a truck and candy.