It started because there is an owl at my Mom’s house, and Landon doesn’t listen. (I know that sounds kind of “rude”, but I’m just being honest here. My son has had a problem with listening ever since he could crawl. I have tried a lot of different things, and haven’t found anything that works 100% of the time.) And with that being said, if you have something against “scaring” your children you probably shouldn’t read any further, but it all started out as a joke.

Landon heard the owl one night while he was outside way too late. He was surprised by the noise, and didn’t know what it was. So, we told him.. and we also told him that if he didn’t use his listening ears the owl was going to get him. It worked(!!) for about two weeks… Then, he realized that the owl wasn’t going to get him. This was partly my fault. I “used” the owl too much because it was working. Now he loves owls, and so do I.

Before this, I didn’t really like them- not necessarily real owls, but the owl character that was starting to become popular for some reason. They are so cute (the real ones, too).

I’ve been seeing them everywhere.. I found a stuffed owl at Toys R Us, and today I found these at Wal-Mart…

They are so precious! I’m glad Zachery wasn’t with me, because I would have had to have them. (I don’t like to make impulse buys without him).

So, yeah, I tried to scare my child with owls, and we both fell in love with them! I may even get a tattoo. (;

How do you get your child to listen?! Seriously, I need to know. I will try anything! I’m going crazy here.