Yesterday was Landon’s half birthday. He’s already 2 1/2! I had wanted to make him half a cake, but I never got the stuff that I needed.. So, I had to settle for making him cookies. He didn’t mind! This makes me think about his actual Birthday, and I hope we get to make it back to Cajun country to celebrate it with family. I can’t wait to start planning it either way, but I better get through the holidays first.

Zachery also left to work in New Jersey all week. It will be a little lonely without him here, but I plan on getting a lot of house work done.. and working on some felt fall decorations! Landon had gathered acorns at the park, and I was planning on using them… I put them on the table in a bowl while I was figuring out what to do with them and Bently(the kitten) decided that it was for him to play with an ruined the bowl. I didn’t feel like picking them up through glass so they had to be thrown away. /:

I spent my first night alone drinking some wine and watching Investigation Discovery! I am completely obsessed with this channel. I even got my Mom addicted to it when she brought Landon and me back “home” about a year ago. On the way back to cajun country, she would not stay at a hotel that didn’t have the channel! She is ALWAYS watching it! She may even be more obsessed than me.

Also, the weather has been getting cooler here… It’s currently 64 degrees! This may sound nice to some people, but it is pretty cold to me. It’s 83 degrees back in Cajun country. That’s the temperature that I am used to! I can’t decided if I’m ready for the cold weather or not, but I might as well embrace it because its going to happen whether I want it to or not!