Recently.. and I mean on Wednesday of last week, I found about about a free workshop that Lowe’s offers called Build and Grow.

I found out through a blog that I am subscribed to, Free Sample Freak. I have found out about a lot of freebies through this website, and I love it! Who doesn’t like free stuff!?

I had no idea that this workshop was free. I have seen it advertised before, but was not aware that it didn’t cost a dime. But, as soon as I saw the post about it I signed Landon up! (I even bribed him to go to sleep without making a fuss (he always makes a fuss… he always has..) the night before- WIN!)

He had so much fun, and he was really well behaved and attentive. There wasn’t that many kids at the Lowe’s that we went to, which was nice. The fire truck packs, a hammer, and goggles were just out on the table when we got there (We were the first ones because I was so nervous about being late and not getting a spot). We just picked a spot and got to work. The tables were too tall though, so Landon has to work on the dirty concrete floor of the receiving area in Lowe’s.

He had a lot of fun using his “bammer”. I think Zachery enjoyed it, too.

The finished project. He was not cooperating for pictures at this point.

He got a certificate, an apron, and a patch (not pictured). But, we didn’t get the apron until after he was done, so he had to put it on once we got home..


I am so glad I found out about this. I already have him scheduled for the next two workshops!