Landon has a lot of energy. A LOT!

We were visiting Cajun country for a few weeks, and spending the days at my Grandmother’s (Granny’s) house. And it was raining every. single. day so, I couldn’t take Landon outside to burn off his energy, and he was getting tired of the toys my Granny has.. So, I made a trip to the dollar store one day to look for cheap activities for him..

I found some colorful “pom-poms”. I’m not exactly sure what to call them. I’m sure you’ve seen them before..

My grandmothers saves caps from containers that she buys.. mostly detergent.

So, we put these two together and made a “game” for Landon.

He sorted and counted the colored pom-poms into their matching containers. I was surprised at how long this kept him occupied! And it only cost me a dollar!


I just love those onsie pajamas. He calls them his wheels.

What cheap activities have you done with your kids?