Cinnamon in my coffee?!

I was helping my very best friend clean her entire house one Saturday… It was early. I needed coffee, and she wanted to put cinnamon it in!

I am completely addicted to coffee.. (I’m not the only one, right? Right?)

I don’t put flavors in my coffee.. (Well, a vanilla iced latte is my only exception to that.)

I was VERY skeptical. I don’t like cinnamon. I know, I’m probably the only crazy one. Anyway, her house, her coffee.. I agreed with the promise of “regular” coffee if I didn’t like it with cinnamon.

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I DRINK MY COFFEE NOW. It is absolutely delicious. It doesn’t taste like cinnamon at all. It makes cheap coffee taste ten times better. (Yes, I buy cheap coffee.. I drink too much to buy the expensive ones that wouldn’t “need” cinnamon, but I’d probably put it in them anyway.)

I put the cinnamon in after the coffee grinds. I just sprinkle some on top. We don’t measure in the south. This is how Heidi (the best friend EVER) did it. I’m not sure if it would be the same if you put it in your cup.

But, you should definitely try it!

Have you ever heard of putting cinnamon in coffee before?!