This trip was not actually planned out by us for our anniversary.

My husband had to go to Bethesda, MD to see military doctors about a recent diagnosis. It just so happened that he was going to be there on our anniversary. I was initially upset about this since we had only been able to spend our first anniversary together. But, we found out that there was really no reason why we all couldn’t go. So, Landon and I tagged along and made a mini vacation out of it.

Might as well make the best out of it. Not to mention, there were no out of pocket costs involved.

We had to take a rental car. Landon loved this, and he still talks about it. Zachery and I, not so much. (At least we got a free upgrade and weren’t stuck in a Ford Focus!)

We found the Metro after we unpacked our luggage at the hotel. This was not a fun experience. Neither of us had ever rode the metro before… There is no type of “public transportation” where I am from.. (a rather small town in southern LA).

Anyway, we thought we figured it out (with some help), and took it to D.C.

NOT WHAT I EXPECTED. Honestly. Maybe it’s just because I’m from such a small town. But- it was a great experience, nonetheless.

Like I said, we thought we figured out the metro, but we didn’t. We didn’t put enough money on our cards. OF COURSE! And we had no cash. But, they let us though anyway… THANKFULLY.

…and we didn’t do that again!

We stayed in Bethesda the next few days. It was too much with a 2 year old.

It was so nice to have everything in walking distance.. restaurants, stores, Starbucks. Don’t laugh, this was a brand new experience for me!

Have you gotten to take a mini vacation recently? What’s the biggest city you’ve ever been to?