I was browsing Pinterest one afternoon for a few minutes. Ahhh, who am I kidding… It was probably 0100 and I had been on for hours. It’s addicting, I tell ya!

Anyway, I came across this website that shows you how to repurpose empty cardboard boxes (like the ones you probably have in your pantry) into a drawer organizer. GENIUS!

So, I started keeping every empty box. My husband loved this. (; (read; This irritated him to no end because he is a neat freak and couldn’t stand seeing them at the bottom of the pantry.)

Once Zachery couldn’t take it anymore, I cut the bottoms to fit my bathroom drawer. I measured the height of the drawer which was about three inches. So, I cut the boxes to be two and a half inches tall. I just measured from the bottom, drew a line around the box where I was going to cut, and then cut them with scissors. And then I put them back at the bottom of the pantry. HA. Just kidding, I put them in the “baby bed”. (The spare bedroom/storage area. I had a great Aunt who kept all of her “stuff” in an old baby bed. So, it’s kind of a joke in our family to call the spot in your house that you use as storage the “baby bed”.)

Anyway, once I thought I had enough boxes I tamed all this nonsense..


I took everything out and arranged my boxes in the drawer and then taped them together with clear tape so they wouldn’t move around…


Here is my counter in the process.. I always despise cleaning/organizing because you have to make a bigger mess than you already had in the process..


But, it was all worth it in the end because now my drawer looks a lot better!


I am thinking about eventually covering the boxes with paper to make it look even better. But, for now at least I can find what I need!

Do you have any drawers in your house that could use some organizing, or have you organized an area in your house recently? I’d love to hear about your projects!

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