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Here is my high five for Friday;

– My husband was off on Monday! Yay for Labor Day. As an active duty Marine on a reserve base, he doesn’t get quite as many days off… especially holidays. I am grateful I got this extra time with him.

– I only had to cook twice this week. This may not be a big deal to most people, but it was a nice break for me. I do actually like to cook, but it’s not always pleasurable to cook and watch a two year old at the same time. And, although the fact that I didn’t cook was great… It wasn’t because I didn’t want to.. It was more like I couldn’t. I poked myself in the eye on Tuesday night while having an allergy attack. No need to laugh, I know we’ve all done it. I guess I got myself really good because I basically couldn’t see all of Wednesday and most of Thursday. But, it’s completely better now after a visit to the doctor for some eye drops.

– I got a haircut! This almost didn’t turn out as good as it actually did. I am incredibly picky about my hair. I normally go months (I know. How crazy is that?!) without a haircut. But, I got one. It was only the third time someone other than my Nanny (godmother, aunt) cut my hair, and I almost remembered why! It was horrendous until another stylist stepped in and saved the day with a razor blade. I wish I had a better picture to show you…


– I got my new favorite drink from Sheetz twice this week. It’s basically red bull and flavoring. I like raspberry! I am fully aware that red bull is not necessarily good for you, but I’m obsessed, okay?!


– My son, Landon, finally got 5 stars for following the rules and got to pick from his treasure chest after a hectic week of him not listening. I will post on this more later, but basically he gets stars for following the house rules. If he has 5 at the end of the day he gets to pick from the treasure chest! Go, Landon! He was very excited for a truck and candy.